Statement from RKU-Karlstad concerning the Erdogan doll

Statement from RKU-Karlstad concerning the doll depicting turkish president Recep Tayip Erdogan which they hung from the peace monument in Karlstad.


We, the communist youth of Karlstad, performed an action aimed at the president of Turkey, Recep Erdogan, during the morning of the 27th of April. We hung a doll depicting Erdogan upside down, inspired by the act of the Rojava committees earlier this year.

Yesterday the Swedish minister for foreign affairs, Tobias Billström, publicly claimed that there are links between the PKK, and their sister organizations, to criminal gangs. Earlier this year terrorist legislation was passed which restrict multiple freedoms and rights. The weapons embargo against Turkey, which is waging a war, was lifted. A few weeks ago the ministry of foreign affairs urged the Riksdag to abandon the plans for a memorial service to the Armenian genocide that occurred between 1915-1917, a genocide which Turkey still denies. All in order to secure membership in a war alliance which carries immense responsibility for human suffering. An alliance filled to the brim with various gangster states which have taken turns violating human rights.

We, the Revolutionary Communist Youth, are by principle opponents to Nato and participate in the struggle against a membership in the war alliance. If the so called “president” of Turkey is so easily annoyed by the act of hanging a doll from a peace monument, it’s nothing more than an additional tool in our struggle. Turkey is the weakest link.

There are also purely political reasons to criticize Turkey. The persecution of its own people, especially kurds and armenians, the imprisonment of the political opposition and kurdish journalists, but also the fact that Turkey is illegally occupying land in their neighboring countries. It’s a gangster mentality, well recognized in other imperialist states. This is the gangster state that our current government, as well as the largest opposition party, desires to be allied with?

The RKU have no demands concerning Turkey's membership in Nato, they belong there with the other gangster states. However, if we were to voice our demands they would be that we continue on the beaten path. Do not let Sweden become a member of Nato!

If you want to become a part of the struggle against Nato, join in Röd front and march with us, the young communists. That is part of the real struggle!

No to Nato!