Statement: NATO Summit in Vilnius – A dark day for all anti-imperialists

Statement adopted by the central committee of the RKU concerning Sweden's NATO membership and the summit in Vilnius

Yesterday news reports claimed that Turkey will approve Sweden’s ascension to NATO. This also means that Hungary intends to approve Sweden's ascension and that its entry into the terrorist alliance is a fact.


The decision came after negotiations leading up to the NATO Summit in Vilnius which starts today. Over 5000 guests and representatives for NATO-members – including the potential members Sweden and Ukraine – will attend, among others. The summit is of great importance, it takes place in a time of escalating crisis and warmongering, while the devastating war in Ukraine continues.

Sweden has gone above and beyond inorder to secure its role as a lapdog to these war criminals. Restrictions on our civil rights and freedoms, as well as deportations of Kurdish and political asylum seekers to the Turkish state. All done with the good conscience of the “democratic” Riksdag. During yesterday’s negotiations, it was determined that Sweden will actively work to resume negotiations for Turkish EU membership. Furthermore, Sweden and Turkey will further collaborate to stop organised crime and terrorism. Sweden is also prohibited from supporting the Kurdish organisations PKK, YPG and PYD. In addition to this, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has promised that a coordinator for work against terrorism will be established within NATO. What this fight against terror means in practice remains to be seen.

It is important to remember that the military build-up and curtailment of civil rights and freedoms does not take place in a vacuum. This, as well as the rampant inflation and it's skyrocketing price increases, is a part of capitalism. Crises are built into the economic system and we see how they strike again and again. The capitalists must also, not least during times of crisis, constantly find new markets to increase profits – in doing so, wars of plunder become a grateful tool to make up for lost profit. The giants of food and arms, and all the cartels, run with massive profits and do not suffer from price increases, crisis or war. It is we, the worker- and school youth, who pay for the crisis and the military build-up. We are forced to pay up and lay down our lives.

The RKU condemns the imperialists’ warmongering and preparations for a new, great war of plunder in Eastern Europe. Sweden will not be a lapdog to US imperialism in NATO or in any other way. We want the international order to be built upon cooperation, not exploitation and oppression. We are not only going to stop the war plans of the great powers, but we are going to overthrow the whole capitalist system. We will build socialism.

Central Committee of the RKU