Greeting from the RKU to Cuba on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of the revolution

The RKU was invited to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the cuban revolution and the 171th anniversary of the birth of José Martis födelse. The day was celebrated at the cuban embassy in Stockholm with invited guests and friends with high spirits and plenty of attendees. The attendees listned to speecheds, music and greetings were held from the attending organisations.


At least a dozen members of the RKU were present and handed over a banner with the slogan "From Havana to Stockholm – Long live proletarian internationalism" to the ambassador as a sign of friendship. RKU:s secretary Marcus McBay conveyed this greeting to the guests and comrades:

Dear Cuban friends and comrades,

We wish to thank you for the invitation to this joyous occasion.

On behalf of the revolutionary communist youth of Sweden, I want to extend our greetings and congratulations on the sixty-fifth anniversary of the Cuban revolution, and the celebration of José martí. It is a great honor for us to be here today and to show our solidarity with the people of Cuba. A solidarity and friendship which we only wish to further deepen.

The last few years have been economically and politically tumultuous, not just for Cuba, or Sweden, but the entire world. When pandemic, war and crisis has been the order of the day, the imperialism of the US and their lackeys in NATO and the EU continues to rear its ugly head in every corner of the world.

Having followed the political situation in Cuba, with the continuous illegal blockade and the terror listing of Cuba imposed by the US, a state whose criminal and abhorrent actions must be opposed. Not in words but in deeds as well, that is our cause, because our cause is the same as that of Cuba and all anti-imperialists around the world. A world of justice and where the right to self-determination prevails, a world of equality and most pressing right now, a world of peace.

A world which even now Cuba is contributing to, despite its imposed setbacks. In fields of humanitarian aid, education and international solidarity.

For 65 years now, Cuba has stood as a bastion against the war machine. The persistence and revolutionary actions of the Cuban people continue to inspire us in the face of US aggression, imperialist hegemony and jingoism. The Cuban spirit will always be an inspiration to all oppressed people and the working masses of the world.

Long live the Cuban revolution!
Long live proletarian internationalism!
Patria o muerte!

The executive committee

Central committee of RKU