Statement: Hands off Jemen!

Statement adopted by the Central Committee of RKU regarding the attacks on Yemen.

Israel's genocide of the Palestinian people is still ongoing. At this point, 116 days have passed and over 25,000 lives have been lost. All forms of buildings and infrastructure are being bombed and shot at relentlessly with the aim of displacing Palestinians from their rightful land.


In order to exert pressure on the terrorist state of Israel and its supporters, the Yemeni Houthi movement has been conducting operations in the Red Sea for some time now. By attacking and hijacking ships with Israeli connections, they have deterred thousands of other vessels from taking the same route. The Yemenis have not only demonstrated anti-Zionist determination but have also created ripples in the global economy - making capitalists terrified.

Therefore, on January 17th, the USA and the UK launched attacks on Yemen. Bombings were carried out in over 16 locations, including the capital Sanaa. Yemen has been a country enduring a brutal war since 2015, where a coalition led by Saudi Arabia has sought to crush the ruling Houthi movement. This came after they ousted the former president and Saudi puppet Abd Rabu Mansur Hadi from Sanaa. Additionally, the coalition imposed a devastating blockade that has created a humanitarian catastrophe in the country, with over two million children under the age of five suffering from acute malnutrition.

The war was openly supported by the USA until it became apparent that Saudi Arabia was stuck. Therefore, the Biden administration withdrew official support, although they continue to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia. Now that profits are at stake, they are getting directly involved in the conflict again, with support from countries like the Netherlands, Australia, Bahrain, and Canada.

Even the EU has rallied behind this. EU's foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has announced that there will be a military EU intervention. Foreign Minister Tobias Billström previously wrote in Göteborgs-Posten that Sweden "fully supports the efforts made to maintain security and free navigation in the region," and that they are "also exploring opportunities to support efforts in the Red Sea." It is therefore evident that even though Sweden is not directly participating in the operation, it will be carried out with the support of Swedish politicians.

RKU condemns the imperialist intervention in Yemen and the increased aggression against the Houthi movement. We also condemn any potential Swedish involvement in these efforts aimed solely at securing continued profits for capitalists. It is revealing that Western imperialist powers withdraw support for the UN refugee agency UNRWA but immediately agree to waste money on this attack. The lives of two million people fade into insignificance compared to their neglected profits. If the USA, EU, and Sweden want an end to disturbances in the Red Sea, there is another way: isolate Israel, stop the genocide in Gaza, and work for a one-state solution - for a free Palestine.

Long live Palestine!
All support to the resistance struggle!
Death to imperialism!

Central Committee of Revolutionary Communist Youth