Statement: UAW does what the LO refused to

Statement adopted by the central committee of the RKU concerning the ongoing strike in the USA

Since friday 12700 auto workers are on strike at three plants belonging to "The Big Three" of the USA's auto industry, this being GM, Ford and Stellantis (Chrystler). Among other things, the demands are a 40% wage increase over four years, 32 hour work week and an end to the abuse of temporary workers.


In recent years the companies' CEO's have given themselves roughly 40% in wage increases. During the same period, the price of a new car has gone up 34% whilst the wages of the auto workers' have only gone up 6%. With inflation being around 20%, their purchasing power has decreased over the past 20 years. The companies could meet the demands and still earn billions without even having to incease the prices of the cars. The margins exist - it's about the priorities, the class interest.

All of "The Big Three" have made offers of about 20% increases to wages, which the UAW has rejected. If they haven't gotten a contract they're happy with by friday the UAW has said they'll extend the strike.

Real wage increases, a shorter work week and a say in how the work is organized are the minimum demands of a trade union movement worth its salt. We, the Revolutionary Communist Youth of Sweden, encourage the worker- and school youth in Sweden to take inspiration and learn from the american auto workers' strike and wish the members of UAW good luck in their struggle.

Forward United Auto Workers!
Class against class!

Central Committee of the RKU