Boycott the sham election – Sweden out of the EU!

In June 2024, the EU election takes place in Sweden, and leading up to the election, RKU is running a boycott campaign against it. Unlike some who say you should vote for an EU-critical party, we instead say: boycott the EU election!


On June 9th this year, there's an election for the EU Parliament. The year we were formed, 1994, we worked to keep Sweden out of the EU. Unlike many other parties and youth organisations, the Communist Party and RKU stick to our line.

The election for the EU Parliament is seen as a sure sign of a flourishing democratic union – but is it really so? In 2019, not even half of the population voted. The Parliament is the only directly elected EU institution and is often highlighted to give a semblance of democracy.

Sham Election
EU enthusiasts are very keen for as many people as possible to vote, to give the EU a false democratic facade. In the last 30 years, never more than 60% of Europeans voted in the EU election. The EU likes to portray itself as democratically rooted, but it's the opposite. In the EU, it's capitalists and employers who rule. The politicians elected to the sham parliament are rewarded with a monthly salary of 140,000 kronor. What do we, the school and working youth, get? Unemployment, cuts, and housing shortages.

Some might encourage you to protest vote for an EU-critical party. We say: boycott the EU election! Even protest votes contribute to legitimizing the parliament. A boycott is a conscious act where you make an active decision and inform your classmates, colleagues, and family about it. Boycott is a political action!

Fight against the EU!
The EU is founded as a union of capital. It's a way for capitalists to come together across borders, to agree on regulations that benefit them at the expense of all European workers. The EU entails legislatively right-wing policies, legislation over our heads, and an attack on our basic living conditions. Moreover, the EU is forming its own imperialist bloc. We see this in the emergence of an EU army, the formation of a common foreign policy, and a common exploitation of exploited countries.

During the campaign, RKU will be visible on the streets and squares to inform young people about the EU and work to ensure that school and working youth take a stand against the EU by boycotting the sham election! We will also organize open meetings around the country about the EU and its history and spread knowledge on social media. Even if you're not a member, you're important in our campaign and can contribute by ordering our material from RKU's central office (email or fill out the contact form on this page) and be part of spreading it.

Fight against the EU! Boycott the sham election and organize for your rights and a dignified future by joining RKU!

Boycott the sham election!
Sweden out of the EU!

Central Committee of Revolutionary Communist Youth